Recruiting Solutions

Recruiting Solutions for Garage Door Companies and Home Services

Your Job Is Growing Your Company, Not Chasing New Applicants

Running a garage door company requires more than finding new customers. You need skilled, ambitious technicians to help boost efficiency and smooth operations. Unfortunately, technician recruiting for garage door companies is not always easy. 


Are you struggling to find quality candidates? Do you hate wasting hours weeding through piles of unqualified resumes hoping to find the right technician? 


At Legit5 Marketing, our garage door recruiting services bring top talent to you. We filter out unqualified applicants so that only the best and the brightest make it to your desk.

Did You Know?

Recruiting for home service companies is getting harder and harder. Here’s why:


  • More than a quarter of Americans found their current job while not actively seeking it. 
  • Recruiters take an average of 42 days to fill a position.
  • Over 73% of applicants are not seriously looking for a job.
  • 54% of employers use additional training to overcome the talent shortage.


With numerous challenges facing recruiters, it is no wonder that finding quality candidates is becoming increasingly difficult. 

At Legit5 Marketing, we dedicate our entire time and energy to helping businesses like yours. While you may not have the time to screen hundreds of potential candidates, we do. That’s why we do it for you.

We Find Top Candidates. You Pick the Best One for Your Business.

We utilize techniques similar to our marketing campaigns to advertise your open position. We don’t just tell job seekers you are hiring; we find the ones who want to work with you. 


Underqualified candidates and a lack of work ethic are flooding job sites. So, how do you find qualified techs and narrow down your best options?


We do the hard work for you by finding the best candidates based on work ethic and experience. Once we find the top job seekers, we send them to you. As a result, you can find your next technician in minutes.


Recruiting services help businesses find qualified candidates for current job openings. Instead of going through piles of resumes and deciding which ones to interview, a recruiting service narrows down the top talent for you. Recruiting services streamline the process by handling applications, virtual interviews, and initial screening. 

Garage doors are complex pieces of machinery. Customers expect professionalism, skills, and expertise when they call for repairs. To protect your company’s reputation and efficiency, you need experienced and qualified experts to ensure every job satisfies customer expectations.

Some of the most-needed home services include plumbing, landscaping, gutter cleaning, and drywall repairs. Homeowners with attached garages also rely on garage door companies to fix opening motors and remote controls. Reach out to us at Legit5 Marketing for home service recruiting.

The cost of using a professional for home service recruiting varies depending on different factors. For instance, job recruiting agencies may charge a contract fee equivalent to 1.5 times the employee’s wage. They may also charge a retainer of 15% to 25% of the employee’s annual salary. 


The best way to determine an exact cost is to schedule a meeting with the recruiter and discuss your hiring objectives.

Ready to Simplify Garage Door Recruiting? Call Us Today to Find Your Next Technician.

Recruiting is one of the most significant challenges businesses face. As a garage door company, you need skilled and experienced technicians who are ready to work and help your business achieve its objectives. 


We simplify the recruiting process by finding top talent. We perform virtual interviews and complete the initial screening process to separate general job seekers from qualified candidates. As a result, you only see the candidates with real potential to help you fulfill your recruiting goals. 


Being short-staffed not only diminishes operational efficiency but hurts your bottom line. For instance, the average empty truck at a garage door company has an unrealized revenue cost of $1000 daily. Additionally, bringing on more qualified technicians helps the rest of your team by distributing the workload, creating a better work environment.


When you need recruiting for garage door companies, you need us at Legit5 Marketing. Call us at (801) 845-3320 to get started.