Reputation Management

Reputation Management

When your company gains a reputation – positive or negative – for doing business a particular way, it can make or break your success. After acquiring a negative reputation, it can be very difficult to change it without a great deal of effort. It also takes serious effort to maintain a positive reputation. It is a delicate balance when it comes to reviews for your business and how they affect the possibilities of potential clients contacting you.

Reputation Management for Garage Door Service Companies

Our digital marketing specialists at Legit5 know that a company’s reputation is critical to their success, and it is vital for a service professional such as a garage door company to have a positive reputation established by former customers. Reputation management is all about making sure that you cultivate reviews frequently and respond to each one appropriately to show customers – past, current, and future – that your company appreciates them and will continue to serve their garage door needs.


As a successful garage door service company, you may not have time to respond to the reviews you receive from your customers. You may also not be able to reach out to former customers in order to ask if they would be willing to write a review for you based on their experiences. Having an experienced reputation management team to oversee your company’s reviews, respond to them properly, and send out requests for more reviews can take the pressure off of you so that you can focus on the success of your company and the service of your customers.

Manage Your Garage Door Serivce Company's Reputation Online

Something you might be wondering is what are the appropriate responses to reviews that your garage door service company receives from former customers. That depends on whether the review is a positive or negative one. They each need to be approached differently because of the content of the review. For a positive review, you can simply respond to the customer with a word of thanks and a promise to continue providing exceptional garage door service in the future. This leaves the customer feeling appreciated for their patronage as well as the time it took to post the review. It also shows the search engines that you are actively engaging online with your customers. 


If you receive a negative review (it happens to everyone), you may feel a bit frustrated. Let these emotions pass before you respond to the negative review because you never want to publish something online while you are upset. When responding to the reviewer, be sure to thank them for their comments, address their concerns, and provide a solution to their problem. Ask the reviewer to contact you directly so that you can work together to find a solution for the concern they expressed. This shows potential clients that you are most concerned about their customer satisfaction, and the negative review may not immediately make them reconsider their choice to contact you.

Get More Reviews for Your Garage Door Service Company

Customer reviews are a valuable part of your continued success as a garage door service company because people looking for your services will trust others who have written about their experiences with you. Reviews can and do influence a potential client’s decision to contact you for your garage door services. 


In addition to the impact reviews can have on potential clients, reviews are also factored into the Google algorithm for ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Search engines take the amount of reviews, the number of negative reviews, the frequency of reviews being posted, and your responses into account when figuring out your ranking in the SERPs. For both of these reasons, it is critical that your company is able to get as many reviews as possible from satisfied customers.

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At Legit5, our digital marketing team is well-versed in both the garage door field and online marketing, so we understand the importance of influencing your customers and the search engines to trust your company and your website for online success. If you are looking for a reputation management team to help you with customer reviews, contact Legit5 today. 


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